Glico Pretz Old Fashion



yum, just a touch of saltiness!

I really like these a lot! Even though they are fairly simple, theyíre still very tasty. It is basically a Pocky stick with no crŤme on it. But it is a little sweeter and more buttery than a Pocky stick. It also has just a touch of salt flavor on the outside. This does not make it gross itís actually the best thing about Old Fashioned Pretz. The salt flavor isnít strong at all, itís more like the teeny bit of salt flavor in rice krispy treats that you get from the salted butter. And I know you love rice krispy treats! Of course these arenít quite as good as that, but they do make a very nice, not-so-sweet in between meals snack. On top of this they are very addictive, similar to Pocky. Once you open a sleeve and pop one in your mouth thereís no stopping until the sleeve is empty. Donít open one and plan to share with friends, give them their own sleeve each box comes with two. Now I canít wait to try the chocolate and honey butter flavors! Yummmmm




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