Glico Pocky Pudding



Pocky Snack. Purin. Like Jigglypuff. What a great flavor! This kicks milk pocky's ass... I guess the flavors are a bit similar, though. This is somewhere in between milk and the old creme brulee pocky. It takes the best of both flavors (sans cool marble effect on the creme brulee) and makes them into what is my new favorite type of Pocky. It was hard to beat anglaise almond crunch, too! Even better, this is one of the non-premium, less expensive flavors of pocky. You can't lose buying some just to taste. I'd suggest purchasing at least 4 boxes if you're already a Pocky fan - I did mailorder and only bought 2. I wish I had more..... The goodness doesn't end there, either. Even my sister's boyfriend liked it! And I was lucky to get him to try any after he found out it was from japan. This snack gets highest possible marks. Eat some today.





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