Lotte Koala Chocolate, White Chocolate, Strawberry



watch out for tummy aches!



These are an OK snack, but be warned: eating even a single serving pack can give you a tummy ache! White chocolate was the worst offender. When you first open the hexagonal box and inner foil wrapper the most striking thing is the printed pictures on each biscuit. Really cute poses! Teary eyed koalas, shy koalas, happy koalas, skate boarding koalas and each pack had a slightly different set of images, too. I should have picked out one of each and taken a picture… but I’m a bit too lazy for that. I wanted to figure out what the “ink” was made out of that they printed the picture with so I licked a few. Besides being slightly bitter, all I did was blur the image. No clue. I bet it’s some edible soy based ink. If you know, email me! Anyway, the biscuit is exactly the same in all three varieties. The filling tastes remarkable similar too a kind of greasy, tasty cream. I think I liked strawberry best, but then I usually prefer strawberry flavored snacks… I liked the white chocolate least, not because it tasted bad, but because it made me sick! Not like throwing up, but like, “I just ate 5 pieces of birthday cake” sick. So that kind of turned me off for good from white chocolate flavor filled cream snacks. I don’t think I could eat white chocolate Colon anymore, either… = ( And no, I didn’t eat all three packs at once, I ate one a day over three days and the chocolate flavor was actually last. I even shared a few with my sister, so I didn’t even eat a full pack! In summary: the main thing these snacks have going for them is that koalas are cute. Besides that they are average tasting snacks except for the white chocolate, which might make you ill. Buy some and share them with friends, but don’t hog the whole box!




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