Kaori Cacao Chocolate



choco bar with bits of cocoa bean inside

I really thought this candy bar would suck. It's chocolate with crushed bits of cocoa bean instead of nuts or cookie bits or whatever inside. And it tastes wonderful! Much better than you would think. My sister and her boyfriend both liked the piece I gave them. The choco bar gets points for design, too - it is packaged in a matchbook like resealable wallet and has the form of a large central block of chocolate surrounded by bite sized chunks for the eater to break off. I was very impressed. The only minus to Kaori chocolate is the cocoa bean - after the chocolate part is gone the left over bean bits are a little bitter. It's kind of like chunks of peppercorn left in your mouth after eating a salad; the bitterness is not quite as strong as that, though. Please try this delicious treat! ; )





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