Mini Fruity Gels Mixed Fruit Flavors


  chocolate cake mix!

I’m not so sure about these snacks… They taste OK. I really like Konnyaku Jelly (except the pomegranite flavor). I tried a couple of each flavor and the taste was great! Maybe I will put up some reviews on page two to describe what I like about gel snacks… But… There are a lot of problems with this particular brand/make of treat. First of all, they are super tough to open. You have to pull REALLY hard to get the lid off. And once you get it off, there is extra liquid floating around that gets all over the place, since you had to struggle so hard to open it. It is a sticky mess. If you can open it without spilling, though, the juice stuff is pretty tasty. So next you squeeze the bottom and pop the snack out into your mouth. This part is pretty fun! And the gel snacks taste good, too, every flavor strawberry, apple, grape, pineapple. But when you bite down there is, um, a chunk of something. The package says it is coconut but it is sweet from sitting in the konnyaku gel. Tastes closer to a pineapple chunk but tougher. Anyway, I never liked jello salads and I do not like this. It is very edible and I’m sure I’ll eventually finish the whole package, but the difficulty in opening/mess and the horrible texture combination makes this a snack I am not likely to ever purchase again.


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