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snacks I got from asianmunchies.com
Page 1:
A whole ton of snacks asianmunchies.com sent me for free. I'll review them as I eat them. As of 8/6/01 there are 6 reviews up. Sending me emails motivates me to put up more reviews!
Snacks I ordered
Page 2:
These are a bunch of snacks I got from various mailorder places on the web. Email me and I'll tell you what I got from where. Not all these reviews are done, maybe I'll finish writing them some time...
snacks I NEVER GOT from umunch.com
Page 3:
I never actually got any of the snacks on this page, but I left up the descriptions the evil, now defunct umunch.com had posted. Some entertaining engrish in there. And snacks that I bet were wonderful...
1/31/01 - I'll be adding reviews of all these products once they've arrived and I've consumed them. If you have any comments or suggestions or just want to chat about japanese snacks, please email me.
2/3/01 - Today I added descriptions for all the items from the website I bought them at. IM or email me if you want to know where it is... As I add reviews I'll leave the descriptions as text that appears when you mouse over the images.
2/5/01 - Added kawaii "Go Back" buttons for your browsing convenience.
2/8/02 - Added a second page of snacks to be reviewed.
2/13/01 - added 4 reviews to the second page of snacks. Guess I should make an index, huh?
5/15/01 - Google indexed my page! I got an offer from www.asianmunchies.com - they send me free snacks if I mention them on my page! So as soon as they send me snacks I'll create a review page for them.
In bad news, umunch.com never sent me my snacks so no reviews for them are forthcoming, sorry... I'll redo the page and hide those snacks away someplace. Umunch's descriptions were too entertaining, though, to delete this page entirely.
5/22/01 - Got a load of free snacks from asianmunchies.com! Made an actual index for the page. Maybe I will eventually lessen the number of images on every page... For now, this page is not very POTS modem friendly. Also added a Booska information page, just click on him! Put up two reviews on the new page.
5/25/01 - There are four reviews up now on page 1. More should be up on Tuesday some time. I'll try to do the seafood snack taste test over the holiday weekend!