15 Ways


created by swarm on June 22, 2008, with contributions from pogo.

how to make yourself cry, not very usefull unless you need to fake emotion.

  • think of something sad (added by swarm)
  • poke yourself in the eye (added by swarm)
  • get kicked in the privates (added by swarm)
  • see a very sad movie (added by swarm)
  • listen to a sad song (added by swarm)
  • go emo (added by swarm)
  • have a girlfriend break up with you (added by swarm)
  • chop onions (added by pogo)
  • pull out hairs, especially from the eyebrow or nose (added by pogo)
  • make salsa, then rub eyes with Pepper Fingers (added by pogo)
  • visit beach during Red Tide (added by pogo)


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