15 Ways

I Scream

created by pogo on February 11, 2007, with contributions from sentry, fhazel, chomi2007, and swarm.

(more fun than studying)

  • tutti frutti (added by pogo)
  • heavenly hash (added by pogo)
  • rocky road (added by pogo)
  • rum raisin (added by pogo)
  • butter brickle (added by pogo)
  • tin roof sundae (added by pogo)
  • schnozzberry (added by pogo)
  • green gelatinous goo (added by sentry)
  • cake batter with white chocolate chips (added by fhazel)
  • dairy queen soft serve circa 1989 (added by fhazel)
  • arc en ciel sherbet at an underground mall in montreal (added by fhazel)
  • cookie dough with added cookie dough from the underground city (added by chomi2007)
  • peach n' pecans swirling thunder (added by chomi2007)
  • honey love you honey little ice-cream (added by chomi2007)
  • half-baked xtreme (added by chomi2007)
  • thoroughly melted shoplifters unite with mixins (added by sentry)
  • cheery chocolatey birthday cake (added by swarm)
  • flaming strawberry chocolate (added by swarm)


posted 2007-02-11 11:22 PM by fhazel:

more fun that proofreading algebra tests too!

posted 2007-02-12 02:25 PM by chomi2007:

and more fun than supper!

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