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created by sentry on January 26, 2006, with contributions from cobra libre, pogo, pusgums, Gaijin, and I_Z.

I have a friend who co-hosts a radio show*. the next show will have a theme: strange and/or unusual words. what are your favorite bizarritudes? [archaic terms, neologisms, and nonsense words are all welcome also.] *Elk Mating Ritual, Wednesdays at 11:

  • syzygy (added by sentry)
  • wibberwabber (added by I_Z)
  • cairn (added by sentry)
  • unbelievawiiable (added by I_Z)
  • zeugma (added by cobra libre)
  • Xenon (added by I_Z)
  • bairn (added by pogo)
  • zezima (added by I_Z)
  • ken (added by pogo)
  • stiffly (added by I_Z)
  • runcible (added by cobra libre)
  • epizootic (added by cobra libre)
  • flibbertigibbet (added by cobra libre)
  • donnybrook (added by cobra libre)
  • desuetude (added by cobra libre)
  • interdigitation (added by cobra libre)
  • amphibrach (added by cobra libre)
  • aspergillum (added by cobra libre)
  • palpebral (added by cobra libre)
  • haberdasher (added by pusgums)
  • cassingle (added by cobra libre)
  • milliner (added by pogo)
  • flautist (added by Gaijin)
  • naugahyde (added by Gaijin)
  • wellbutrin (added by Gaijin)
  • pedunculated (added by cobra libre)
  • fistula (added by cobra libre)
  • hornswoggle (added by pogo)
  • shrimpoluminescence (added by cobra libre)
  • cormorant (added by Gaijin)
  • balderdash (added by pogo)
  • gloofooflegoogel (added by I_Z)


posted 2006-01-26 04:20 PM by cobra libre:

i remember when that show was on kvrx. when i was in high school, i slept over at my friend kasey’s house, and the plumbing there made a noise exactly like the elk-mating sound effect from that show. kept me up all night. well, that and the small-town homosexual punk crew, who were totally asking for it, you know.

posted 2006-02-08 06:02 AM by pogo:

of possible interest

posted 2006-02-08 03:52 PM by cobra libre:

also of possible interest

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