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nervous habits of ours

created by pusgums on March 16, 2005, with contributions from chomi2005, pogo, and cobra libre.

in poker, they would be tells

  • pulling my hair (added by pusgums)
  • biting my fingernails (added by pusgums)
  • repeatedly crossing and uncrossing my legs (added by pusgums)
  • nibbling on a pen (added by chomi2005)
  • dip my pen in teacup and drink from the inkpot (added by chomi2005)
  • scratching my head (above my left ear, behind my temple) (added by pusgums)
  • rolling my eyes and biting my lip (added by pogo)
  • giggling too loudly (added by pogo)
  • pulling on my eyelashes, fingers, toes, nails (added by pogo)
  • pacing (added by pogo)
  • squirming (added by pogo)
  • staring upwards (added by pogo)
  • chain smoking (added by cobra libre)
  • kicking my legs (added by pogo)


posted 2005-05-03 01:52 PM by pogo:

It’s been a very nervous week.

posted 2005-06-10 05:03 PM by pusgums:

You mean a very neverous week.

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